Grand parking®

GRAND PARKING is a multi-floor cart parking system.

GRAND PARKING is a multi-floor cart parking system that quickly and safely parks as many vehicles as possible
with in a confined space. Because the parking facility executes the parking and retrieving of vehicles simultaneously,
it enhances spatial efficiency, which is suitable for parking facilities of large-sized building.

Advantages of GRAND PARKING®

Simultaneous entrances and retrievals, Multiple lifts and carts available. Fastest operation among the multi floor parking systems,
Customizing the arrangement of rows and column, Double row arrangement for a better space efficiency.

  • GRS-L series for sedan cars (side by side deployment)
  • GRF-L series for sedan cars (front by rear deployment)
  • GRF-SU series for SUV cars (side by side deployment)
  • GRS-SU series for SUV cars (front by rear deployment)


Model GRF(S)-L GRF(S)-SU
Capacity 30 ~ 3000 cars 30 ~ 3000 cars
Ava. car
Length 5,200mm 5,200mm
Width 2,100mm 2,100mm
Height 1,600mm 2,000mm
Weight 2,150kg 2,400kg
Type of car Sedan SUV
Lifting Mechanism Geared Motor + Wire Rope
Lift Motor 22kW ~ 37kW
Lift Speed 60m/min Max.
Carts Speed 80m/min Max.
Car retrieving time 100 - 140 sec.
Motor Control IGBT Inverter control

Projects completed in Singapore

  • Devonshire project, ACE PARKING® 72 parking lots, Singapore
  • 88 Rangoon project, ACE PARKING® 42 parking lots, Singapore
  • Lorong 38 project, ACE PARKING® 86 parking lots, Singapore
  • Poh Heng project, ACE PARKING® 8 parking lots, Singapore
  • Lorong 14 project, ACE PARKING® 50 parking lots, Singapore
  • Kampong Bahru project, GRAND PARKING® 40 parking lots, Singapore
  • Somme Road project, GRAND PARKING® 24 parking lots, Singapore
  • Daisy Apt. project, GRAND PARKING® 26 parking lots, Singapore
  • Sarkies Road project, GRAND PARKING® 26 parking lots, Singapore
  • 456 Balesiter Road project, GRAND PARKING® 37 parking lots, Singapore
  • 520 Balesier Road project, GRAND PARKING® 75 parking lots, Singapore
  • Joochiat Road project, GRAND PARKING® 103 parking lots, Singapore